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Chem Global Company for Trade and Commercial Agencies was officially established in 2021 AD by experts specialized in the field of laboratory equipment, and it is a leading Egyptian company in equipping and establishing laboratories of all kinds and providing all laboratories related to laboratory supplies, laboratory chemicals and laboratory Devices.

Our Values:
The company relies on specialized experts in the field of laboratory equipment to provide comprehensive scientific solutions. Customer satisfaction is our driving force and we always strive to improve and develop our services to provide a good and reliable service to our customers.

Our Mission:
Providing products with high quality specifications at reasonable prices in the Egyptian market and the Arab world to achieve the best results for success partners.
Providing distinguished service at competitive prices with all guarantees towards the service provided by the company.
Providing the latest products and capabilities to serve researchers and scientific research and build mutual trust.

Our Vision:
For Chem Global to be one of the largest companies working in the field of providing laboratory supplies, laboratory chemicals, and laboratory devices for laboratories of all kinds in Egypt and the Arab world and serving researchers and scientific research on scientific bases at the hands of specialized experts.

Our Services:
Agents and distributors for major international companies in the field of laboratory supplies, laboratory chemicals, laboratory devices, technical support and the establishment of laboratories according to international quality standards and scientific consultations.
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